3 Tips to Create a Beautiful Linen Closet

Before tackling a custom closet overhaul, take stock of what you currently store in this space. Make a list and group similar items together.

You've likely seen exceptional custom closets featured in home decor magazines or blogs. The perfectly folded stacks of towels and neatly arranged shelves are inspirational for many home design connoisseurs. But creating your dream linen closet may feel out of reach, especially if you lack ample square footage in your home. Here are three tips to sidestep this limitation to create a beautiful linen closet in your home.

1. Evaluate Your Needs

Before tackling a custom closet overhaul, take stock of what you currently store in this space. Make a list and group similar items together. This gives you a sense of the types of storage you need most -- shelves for folded items? Bins for bath toys? Rods for hanging clothes or robes? Understanding your needs will help you to guide the design in a productive direction. Also, consider who uses this closet most. If it's a kids' bathroom, you may want lower rods for an easier height to reach. A master suite closet calls for more specialized storage for amenity baskets, backups of hair and skin products, and cleaning supplies. Map out who needs what and the preferred heights accordingly.

2. Maximize Vertical Real Estate

In small linen closets, prime real estate is the vertical wall space. Install shelves from floor to ceiling, using durable materials like coated wire or metal to hold weight. Avoid overly deep shelves if your closet is narrow -- shallow options keep everything visible and accessible. Utilize vertical dividers in open shelves to neatly store folded washcloths, hand towels, bath towels, and more. Clear acrylic or wire bins are great for corralling toiletries and first aid items while still being able to see what’s inside at a glance.

3. Hook It Up

Take advantage of all small storage opportunities by affixing hooks to the walls, the sides of shelves, or the back of the door. Sturdy over-the-door options with mesh pockets are fantastic for stashing backup toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and anything else you want handy but out of the way. You can also install a tension pole vertically to use for hanging damp towels, spray bottles, and toilet brushes. Wall space can be used with a track-style towel rod, taking custom closet storage to new sights.

Creating a beautiful linen closet takes some planning, but it's worth the effort. The result will be a custom closet you enjoy using and are proud to show off. According to Apartment Therapy, one closet per bedroom plus two closets is the ideal number for a home. If that seems like a daunting project to take on by yourself, reach out to us at Florida Custom Closets today and let us help you make the most of that space with a custom closet.

Posted 1/22/24